At Pearson Hardman, Louis tells Jessica of his displeasure at her election Harvey to bargain with Gerald Tate, and that he could have dealt with the circumstances. Jessica counters by saying that she objects, but the arrival of Harvey disrupts their discussion, and the two men instantly begin to taunt one another. Their argument is ended by Jessica, who informs Harvey that he obligation to hold interviews for a new associate now that he has become a senior partner. Louis responds to the news by declaring that he deserves the advancement, but Jessica reaffirms her decision.
At the nursing center, a nurse tells Mike about his grandmother’s worsening condition, and she will need to be transferred to full-time care, or else she will be transported to a state facility. However, Mike replies by saying that he will not let his grandmother be moved to a state hospital, and when the nurse replies that he will have to come up with the cost which is $25,000, he calls Trevor to tell him that he will accept his offer, at a price of $25,000. Trevor presents Mike the directions for the transaction, and tells him to clean himself up for the transaction at the hotel. However, after the call is ended, he attains information from the dealers that the deal might be with undercover cops, and so the sellers decide to keep Trevor with them until the deal is through. At Trevor’s apartment, Mike has just completed getting changed when Jenny arrives and commends him on his appearance. Mike then leaves, together with a briefcase filled with weed.

At the Chilton Hotel, Harvey is proceeding to interview Harvard grads for the new position as his associate. After the first selection, Harvey gets weary of the “Harvard clones” and explains to Donna, his trusted assistant, to give the candidates a tough time before sending them in. She should also give him a wink if any of them say anything that could be considered smart, this would be the tell in which he can recognize that his is not wasting his time. She does this to several potentials individuals considered interviewees, but none of seem to stand out.

At the same hotel, Mike is slightly worried before making the sale, and goes to the restroom to splash water on his face. When he enters the room for the trade, he sees two men picking at the lock and recognizes that they could be cops pretending as Trevor’s customer for a bust. He distracts them by speaking to them directly before leaving, although they become skeptical of the briefcase inside his hand, and so one of them chases him while the other waits by the room. Mike, retaining the image for the Harvard Law interviews sign he had passed, proceeds to the room where the interviews were being held.

As Mike moves frantically into the room, Donna requests the name of the next interviewee, Rick Sorkin. When Donna believes that Mike is Rick, she presses him about coming late, to which Mike truly answers by saying he only needs to get away from the cops pursuing him and he does not care for the interview. Thinking this was a clever remark, she winks at Harvey and assigns him in. Soon after, the undercover cop following Mike storms into the waiting room, but soon leaves when he does not find him.