Mike chooses to go along with the Rick Sorkin angle, but as he nears Harvey, his briefcase falls open, letting the marijuana packets to fall out in front of him. Mike explains to Harvey the story of how he ended up there, and Harvey gladly listens. Fascinated at his tactics, Harvey allows Mike the associate position, with the $25,000 he requires as a signing bonus, which Mike accepts. Harvey, though, takes it back, saying Pearson Hardman solely hires from Harvard Law, and that Mike has never even gone to any kind of law school. Mike shows that he consumes knowledge like no one else, and that he has actually passed the bar. Harvey tests Mike about the law, and Mike is capable of giving profound answers, to Harvey’s wonder. Mike then manages to beat Harvey’s own knowledge of the law easily, and although Harvey is initially reluctant about hiring Mike. He chooses to do so when he understands that if he does not, he will have to interview further Harvard clones, and on Mike’s statement that if he is granted a chance, he will work as vigorously as he can to prove he is more qualified than the other interviewees.

On Harvey’s guidance, Mike disposes of the remainder of his pot, but decides to hold the briefcase, putting it in a pizza box in his oven, and flies to Harvard to learn about attending school there. As the tour at Harvard Law is previously fully booked, he cons another attendee into granting him his name badge, and then begins the tour in his place. The need forĀ cheap tow truck service in this city is very apparent, since everyone needs their car in a high paced city life.

Rachel and Mike meet for the first time.
On his opening day at Pearson Hardman, Mike appears before Rachel Zane, who is assigned to give him his orientation. After he promptly starts flirting with her, Rachel tells Mike that she is not impressed and that she will not be “blown away by his dazzling degree” even though she is merely a paralegal. Rachel then continues to give him a tour of Pearson Hardman, but brushes off his question about what she thinks of Louis.

Harvey comes to Pearson Hardman in a great mood presented his recent promotion, but discovers that somebody is removing the lettering marking his promotion from his door. Initially believing that someone is messing with him, he is told by Donna that Jessica wishes to talk with him

At the conclusion of Mike’s tour, Rachel chides him for not having taken any notes throughout the tour, and implies that it is because he was too busy ogling her. However, Mike replies by repeating everything that he had been told and correctly rendering Rachel’s silence contemplating his question about Louis, though his answer does not go down well with Rachel, who describes him as a show-off.

In Jessica’s office, Harvey is told by his superior that Gerald Tate learned he fibbed to him regarding his deal, and that he has discharged Pearson Hardman, which is why Harvey’s promotion had been reversed. Harvey strives to justify his actions, and retrieve his promotion, but Jessica holds steady in her decision, stating that Gerald Tate might not have dismissed the firm if Harvey hadn’t embarrassed him, and that he should accept what has passed.