Louis Litt strolls into an office at Pearson Hardman, and tells Jessica Pearson that one of their patrons, Gerald Tate, is miserable with what is happening with his deal. Jessica tells Louis to see Harvey Specter, their best closer, and following some wavering from Louis, he moves. Harvey is at a poker competition, which he immediately wins, and gets a text from Jessica stating that she requires him to come in.
Rushing over to the office, he hinders an argument among Jessica and Gerald, and after Jessica introduces him, Gerald chides Harvey for his absence. Harvey counters by asserting that when he left, there was no difficulty with the deal. After Gerald insists that the cause for the problem is the other party, Harvey answers by saying that Gerald is the basis of the hold up with the arrangement. Despite Gerald’s contentions that Harvey should fix the problem, and after threatening to pay somebody else to fix it, Harvey notifies Gerald that because the other side already signed the deal, they have now been paid in full, with Jessica supporting his position. Reluctantly, Gerald parts. Jessica then realizes that Harvey had misled them about their fee having already been paid, but lets him off with a smile.
Meanwhile, Mike Ross has just taken part in another Law School Admission Test (LSAT) when the proctor hinders him, saying that he seems familiar. Despite Mike pretending otherwise, the proctor sets aside his test, isolating it from the others. Nevertheless, when the proctor is occupied, Mike immerses his test with the others. The Proctor realizes and gives chase, but Mike succeeds in escaping the situation by changing his attire. He goes to gain his fee from the senior he took the LSAT for, but the student is unsatisfied with the grade Mike got for him. Mike replies that the score he got was representative of the student’s intelligence, only for the student to give him half of what was agreed. The student replies sarcastically by recommending that he go to the police.

Later on, Mike explains to his best friend, Trevor, that he was high when he took the test and nearly got caught. Trevor replies by suggesting that Mike joins him in his business of peddling pot, and tells hims some information regarding a transaction that he wants Mike to do for him. Mike declines, just before the coming of Trevor’s girlfriend Jenny, who asks the two friends what they were talking about. Mike uses this as an opening to leave.
Elsewhere, Harvey and Jessica are discussing their latest triumph over dinner, and Jessica informs him that she has a new, better client for him. When a waitress approaches their table, Jessica exults about Harvey, saying that he is the greatest closer in the city. The waitress thinks that he is a baseball player, but when Harvey explains to her that he is an attorney, she immediately becomes uninterested and leaves, just as Harvey tries to flirt with her. Jessica then bothers him about not actually being the best closer, at least at that moment. However, the next morning, the waitress rouses in Harvey’s bed, and after only a small measure of persuasion, Harvey moves to have sex with her again.
Mike revisits his grandmother, Edith, in the nursing home, and after some joking among them, gets her to take her pills. Edith then asks Mike to stop doing whatever he has been doing, telling him that while life hasn’t been easy to him, she wants him to start living by reaching his potential. After a moment’s pause, Mike vows to do so.