Louis and the partners play a Harvard trivia game after hours, and Mike is in the lead by one point opposite his rival, Seth Keller. During the double point round, Mike fails to answer the topic about the Harvard Law dormitory tradition of taking square pizza from Pinocchio’s. Seth then replies “five” when asked how many supreme court justices came from Harvard, and claims victory. Mike, although, points out that there are in fact six, counting Ruth Bader Ginsberg who may have finished from Columbia but frequented Harvard Law before then. Mike wins because he points out that Seth was not correct, just as Louis beforehand refuted Mike for not being precise. Having won, Mike gets a pro bono case of his own, but Mike is left upset about Louis and tells Harvey that Louis may have learned his secret, which Harvey wipes off with no concern.

Harvey then notices Jessica and Quentin Sainz hugging in her office, immediately assuming that she has taken a problem for him. Harvey warns Jessica concerning Quentin’s case is a flop waiting to happen after hearing media coverage over the millions killed by the ALS drug that his company produced to the public. Jessica then astounds Harvey by explaining to him that Quentin is her ex-husband and then informs him that she desires him to take the case because Quentin’s current girlfriend, Lisa Parker, does not want her on the case. Harvey has no care in taking it because he worries that Jessica will interfere with his work. He likes everything to go smoothly as the¬†ipod screen repairs¬†completed by his man guy.

Mike’s client case turns out to be a bedbug problem in a structure owned by a Johnny Karinski who won’t do something about the problem. After filing a case to the housing department to get the situation to housing court, he revisits his client, Frank, to examine the apartment. They meet Karinski who threatens to kick Frank out for declining to pay the rent, in which Mike says that it was legal if the apartment was at the time inhabitable. However, he has yet to demonstrate that in court.

Harvey meets with Quentin along with his girlfriend Lisa to talk about the company’s ALS death drug. Quentin describes that six terminal patients with other several health issues used his drug as a scapegoat for the other pharmaceutical companies. He also maintains that the drug was proven safe for eight years, and that the evidence the media is putting out is baseless facts.